How can I contact Nemac Designs?
Email: info@nemacdesigns.com
Phone: (971) 350-8829

Where can I download manuals?
Right here! Click the link(s) below for current manuals for some of our select products:
WiFi Moon Lamp Setup Manual

Where is Nemac Designs located?
We do all our manufacturing in Portland, OR and sell most of our products online. Contact us directly at info@nemacdesigns.com if you are interested in buying locally.

What is the backstory of Nemac Designs?
Nemac Designs started when a couple engineers got a 3D printer and started prototyping custom designs. We had ideas that we wanted to bring to life that we couldn't find anywhere else. We made some initial products for friends and family that received great feedback and we were encouraged to open an online store. You'll notice we don't have one main theme, that's because our products are driven by our varied interests. We hope you like our products as much as we do!

How and when will I receive my order?
We utilize USPS for shipping and you will receive your purchase as soon as we can ship it from time of order confirmation. We are a small operation, so large orders may take longer, but we will always notify you if there are delays to your order.

Does Nemac Designs accept returns?
Yes! If you ever have a problem with one of our products, then let us know immediately and we will fix the situation for you. Contact us directly through email or phone if you need an issue resolved.

What if I really like the product and want to leave a review?
Please let us know at info@nemacdesigns.com. We love to hear feedback on our designs to help with future creations!

Does Nemac Designs do custom work?
Yes! We routinely do 3D printing services where you provide an STL model/part file and we'll quote our price to print it for you (we don't advertise this we only rely on word of mouth). Contact us at info@nemacdesigns.com to start the quoting process.

What does Nemac Designs do with my email address?
We will only use your email to update you on your order progress, unless you have signed up for our email list, then we will send you occasional promotions and sales. You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never sell your email to a third party.

What payment methods does Nemac Designs accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and even more. View the footer of this page to see all payment methods.

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