You've found the hidden gallery page! This is a repository showing off the various models (custom or sourced online) we have made for clients over the years.

Business Card Dispenser

Free Standing Headphone Holder

Custom WASD Keycaps

Custom Universal Desk Mounted Headphone Holder

Custom Xbox One Game Holder

N64 Raspberry Pi Case

Custom N64 Game Holder

Sunglasses Holder

Over-sized Glasses Holder

Keycap Puller

Skull Pen Holder

AA Battery Dispenser

Large Weight Capacity Wall Hangers

Extra Strong Hanger

Climbing Pangolin

Custom Character Models

Toothpaste Squeezer

Screw Cube

Change Holder

The Fuckuoctopus

Custom Fixture Design

Low Poly Pokemon Models

Handheld Pangolin

Custom RC Car Bumper Upgrade (White Part)

Business Card Holder

Baby Groot Head

Custom Raspberry Pi Case

Custom Knife Holder

Goose (Wing-man)

Custom Fidget Spinner

Custom Raspberry Pi Case

Bearing Based Spinner

Exploring Pangolin

Triceratops Skull

Un-rolled Pangolin

Gyroscopic Keychain


Rolled Up Pangolin

Rolled Up Pangolin

Dragon Model

Dragon Model